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Dan benedikt trio is combination of generations playing together original folk music with various influences based around jazz and improvisation.

The music is raw and acoustic and crossing stylistic boundaries.


The story behind the trio began in 2002 when bass player Tal Ronen (one of the busiest bass players in New York City) joined the group “Hagiga” along with the drummer Dan Benedikt. Over the years they played in every venue and festivals in Israel, France, Denemark etc.

A few years later, joined them the young and promising guitar player and composer, Tomer Sasson to form the “Trio”.

Available on digital platforms:

  • iTunes
  • Spotify - White Circle

Dani Benedikt Trio


Compositions and arr' by Dani Benedikt.


Bass - Tal Ronen

Guitar - Tomer Sasson

Drums and perccussion - Dani Benedikt 

Dan Benedikt 


Rhythm Artist

  • iTunes
  • Spotify - White Circle
  • YouTube - White Circle
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