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One day back to the 70's

It was just another family trip.

All the way from Nahariya (up north) to Jerusalem.

After the long way, we got into the famous market in the old city.

Meanwhile, all the family is walking through the crowded market, they found out someone is missing, yep that was me.

After a little bit of stress, they found me back in a small and narrowed store, playing a Darbooka.

The sales-man teached me one beat and I repeated and started improvising.

There, in this small store in Jerusalem my carreer as a drummer started.

A few days after I started to play in Nahariya's Youth Orchestra.

I was the youngest student there, playing the perccussions.

7 years old, yep long time ago...

But this was the start of my journey as a musician,

The journey is still on-going.

Check out my new studio project here>>

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